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May You Have a Blessed and Fruitful Lenen Season. Amen.

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January 1, 2013      O Holy Mother of God, please intercede for us.
Today is my 5th Anniversary of Solemn Vow to consecrate my self and my life to God.  I met with Rev. Father before Mass to renew my Vow.  It was a beautiful grace.  He said a heart-felt prayer to God.  Then after giving thanks to the Lord Most High, the Lover of souls, for the many special graces bestowed on me during the last five years, I renewed my vow, uttering from the depth of my heart as if the Lord, Jesus and His Blessed Mother were present in persons.  I spent most of the day in church knowing that tomorrow will begin a new chapter.  To the brother monks I wrote something like this:

It was twenty five years ago I went to Geneseo for college.  Then I got accepted to the University of Buffalo to study architecture.  However, God had another plan.  I let go of everything and journeyed an unknown path.  Ten years later, I arrived to its destination: conversion to Christianity.  Then about ten years later, after living like a Poor Clare and learning how to live the faith, I was chosen to be one of His handmaids who has the grace to desire to imitate His Blessed Mother in all virtues.

A great gift I received for my special day was the pilgrimage to France where I visited Citeaux, the Cistercian Mother House and other Marian shrines in addition to the homes of some of my favorite Saints (Bernadette of Lourdes and Therese of Lisieux).  A few months later, the Lord gave me a “real” job. “Not full-time O Lord for I need to write icons and live my spiritual life”.  He granted me my wish.  Like the grace given to St. Bernadette and her family (after the first apparition, her father got a job, and the family did not have to live in poverty as before), I did not have to do many extra jobs so could spend more time and energy in living the spiritual life and writing icons…

Last June I went to Vietnam to visit my ill father. I encountered beautiful and inspiring religious statues.  God’s many special graces helped me to import a few to the States.  This heavy mission led me to the desire to work for the Marian Land project on behalf the children spiritual well-being (a small and humble summer spiritual boarding school).  I then started to look for a piece of land to purchase...  I found one on the other end of River road, about 3 minutes from the Abbey, but I don't feel at home there. So it is on hold.  As I disclosed this earnest inspiration to friends, a few have generously offered their help and even money to purchase the land, but I told them I want to make sure it is the will of God.  I do not want to feel pressured by those who give me money even though their intention is good.  If God wills it, I told them, he will provide. I am willing to work and save money for this righteous cause.  I need to have the freedom to act when it is God’s time.

The next day when I went to work, my supervisor told me our department would also be responsible for printing BIG POSTERS in addition to the various other kinds of printing we have been doing. That meant we needed to hire another part-timer unless I wanted to reconsider and accept working full-time.  I needed time to pray and to consult my spiritual father… We negotiated and agreed that I would go back to part-time in the summer.  I also made sure that I would do anything possible to be able to attend daily Mass...  All required requests were granted to me! Praise the Lord!

In this Abbey church (I wrote this letter in church) for almost 15 years, I have been sustained and nourished by the Word of God and the Most Precious Body and Blood of His Son.  Many special graces were revealed to me during Masses.  I thank you for living your vocation faithfully and for being a great support and help to me as well as many others…

January 13, 2013 Happy feast of the Baptism of the Lord
So far, contrary to my fear of my soul being choked to death like the seeds in the field, I am experiencing grace-fill reassurances.  Thank you for all your prayer.  Knowing my weaknesses, I try to stay close to God and stay focused on the goal and the ultimate goal which the only way to get there is through “purity of heart” as St. John Cassian mentioned.  I am able to pray and to do spiritual reading during breaks at work.  Then a few days ago, I received a clearer vision for the Marian Land.

When searching for a piece of land was put on hold, I felt the need to have a modest studio built (12’x12’) in the back yard where I live so I do not have to work in the living room or the kitchen when I did not have enough time to drive to my studio (allowed me to use by my Italian aunt and uncle).  Finally, a young carpenter, Joshua offered to build it for me.  He could do it right away, and I could have it by the end of January so I can start working on a painting commission which is due in March.  I put all my hope in it.  However, a number of obstacles arose that impeded the project.  From when I desired this studio until now it has been almost 5 months.  I lost my patience.  I could not find a clear answer to the lack of cooperation by one of the persons concerned.  I was very upset.  In the Gospel reading that day, the Lord said: “It is I … Courage”.  I took it literally as if He were telling me, like Pharaoh, He has hardened someone’s heart.  I could not be mad at anyone for I knew He allowed it.  I took it well but was quite upset.  My tears could not be controlled as I drove to work.  “O Lord, only You who could console my perplexed and disappointed heart”...  About midday, a woman whom I did not know well came to my work place in the University Duplicating Center.  In the middle of her conversation with my supervisor; the Lord used her words to catch my attention.  She shared her grandson’s boarding school experiences.  The brief description of what the grandson does at this school very much summarized what I had been trying to identify the Marian Land project.  When she left I was totally and absolutely at peace.  Only God can do this!!!  I knew then, deep down in my heart, the Lord wanted me to stay focused on this mission.  My calling of writing icons then clearly became secondary compared to it.  I am now not worrying about my studio.  I have been painting in poor conditions for the last 20 years.  A little longer would not hurt.  All my attention and resources must be given over to preparing the future of the children’s well being, the most vulnerable and dependent little ones of God, instead of my own interest.

What then is the next move, Lord?  I hastened to seek advice and contacted my friend who has offered me the land.  As it turned out, I must contact a wealthy realtor.  God knows I never really like to deal with rich, important and people in high places unless I have to.  However, I recall that providence had arranged for me to meet this man before I knew who he was.  So I looked up his number.  “His full first name is Joseph? … O my Lord! …  I should not be surprise, right? …  O Saint Joseph, the provider and protector of the Blessed Mother and the Lord, the human father of God’s Begotten Son and therefore of all little children, please pray for us.”  I made an act of faith and called the number.  No one answered.  “Dear Lord, I tried... I think I should leave a message because they might be away in Florida for the winter…  Yes, I will do.  If it is not for the love of You and the children, it is for my peace for I know I cannot rest until I feel I have done what you ask of me.”…

Many things happened today that I have to contemplate what the Lord is trying to teach me.  Rev. Father reproved me earlier this morning for my being too energized about this whole project, especially when it comes to my superficial and self-assured attitude concerning my writing a book. He is very right as I am now pondering on what I have done and shared with friends.  Rev. Father has warned me many times not to trust many, especially those who cannot appreciate my enthusiasm and my stories about how close the Lord can be to a soul that is open to Him.  These people can have good intention, but only grace can enable them to perceive His miracles and believe in them as I do.  Thank you Lord for the immediate grace which showed me that my dear Abba was right.  Thank you for a reminder and an import lesson.  I told a couple friends that I am very at peace.  I am neither in haste nor rushing You, my Lord. 

By the end of the day, prompted by an uncomfortable feeling and experience after I get to know some people better, I took the initiative to get in touch with another realtor whom I have dealt with before. I wanted to contact him on behalf of a friend who is looking for a room to rent.  Today, I called and left him a message.  And his name is John! Yes, the Lord gave His dear Blessed Mother to John to take care of her.   I am thinking aloud and praying to my Lord: “Who would it be Lord, St. Joseph or St. John who would be responsible to help me?”

December 5, 2012 HAPPY ADVENT!!!

O come O come Emmanuel…
It is a beautiful season of hope and waiting for the Lord’s coming anew in our hearts or better yet, His second coming. This is the time of peace and reconciliation with God.  May you all have the grace to embrace His abundant blessings this Advent season with trust and love in the Savior who promised us true happiness and eternal life.  Amen.

,,, The big shipment of statues has arrived perfectly on time for Advent. The Lord has just granted us two most beautifully warm days (Dec 3&4, 2012) in the middle of the winter so the statues could be picked up and stored in a protected place.  O praise You, Lord for you have heard the humble and poor prayer of your servant!

“The rose bush did not bloom” but the Lord had a better and more perfect plan….  Christopher, a 21 year old young man was chosen to help me pick up the 2,300lb shipment.  After more than two hours on the road, we arrived our destination after making a quick stop at the Abbey of the Genesee so that Rev. Father John Eudes could bless the statues.  Chris skillfully unloaded the six packages into a garage.  The Lord sure sent him for the heavy mission this time.   He did a wonderful job.  We are very proud of him.  He will be hired for our next and last shipment!  If you are interested in buying one of the statues, contact me at your earliest convenience for they are limited in number, and some are already taken.


October 19, 2012 The 10 statues of Our Lady finally arrived to a Rochester warehouse on October 11, 2012.  Praise the Lord!  Everything went smoothly there since I have hired a broker this time J ….  Despite the dissuasion and disregard of some whom I thought would support me most with this mission, the Lord sent help.  From those who pray for this undertaking, He singled out Betsy and Renee to assist both physically and spiritually.  Then, He sent Bob and Anita who so kindly offered to house the statues, especially during the winter months.  All their kindness, enthusiasm, love and faith truly helped reassure me of this task.  There are also others whom I rarely associate with, were sent to help.  I thank God for them all.  Life is full of surprises.  It includes all kinds of people.  Through dealing with His disciples, Jesus warned us about the hearts of man!  I was taught to never expect anything from people because it will just ruin my love for them J.  If they offer, thank them for it.  If they do not believe in what you do, it is their privilege not to get involved.  Unless it is a true friendship then they stand by you no matter what.  For those of us who have such friends, we should be most grateful and pray for those who do not have at least one. I am most grateful to my spiritual father whose wisdom, patience and love always help encouraging and guiding me to the deeper meaning and goal of my quest for God’s holy will.  This after all is not just about the statues, but rather a spiritual learning process about God’s love and mystery, about the human hearts and who we truly are…

I finally had some time to take some pictures of the
4 available statues.


October 9, 2012

“Becky Depra (one of my best friends in college who traveled 18 hours straight with me to try to rescue Miss Bernadette last year about this time) and I had a wonderful spiritual connection and sharing.  We were like two little children being led by the Spirit.  We walked in the woods to visit the statues of Our Lady and went on "land hunting" in the steady rain.  We made some very fearless and bold moves which make me laugh every time I think about them.   

We ended the day going to Benediction and Vespers at the Abbey. … It was on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  During the middle of psalm 111 and the end of psalm 113, she "hit" me... She circled them in her Bible later since she keeps a journal...  


We could tell the day was truly blessed by God's love for His little ones who simply just tried to please him.  We could feel Him in our midst.  We felt so at peace and were full of joy in the Spirit.  We did not really accomplish anything that day the way one would hope, but we sure felt God's presence, and we put our total trust in Him for the future...  Becky is very supportive of what I shared with her and told me that some of her friends would like to be a part of it too if God wills it.  I am taking one step at a time.”

Now I am focusing on the statues which have finally arrived this afternoon.  Tomorrow we will pick them up at the warehouse.  Betsy’s housemate Renee will be driving her truck and trailer in this time.  This is going to be a “big and heavy” move.  I will soon post the pictures with full information.  Three are already taken.  Three smaller sizes will go to the Abbey gift shop.  There will be four available: one big and three smaller sizes.  Please pray for a special intention.  Thank you.   

September 25, 2012 Yesterday I got a notice that the next shipment of the statues will be arriving the port of New Jersey on October 1, 2012.  My dear St. Therese will sure intercede for us if she has not done so already!  A great celebration on your feast day my dear Saint!  

With faith I asked my sister Phuong to inquire the artist to carve two 40 inch statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I carried a 12 inch one home to the States from Vietnam, and that was the biggest size they made.  Last week, I received some pictures of the newly finished ones.  To my surprise, they were very well done and spiritual.  They are scheduled to be shipped to the States in a few days…  More are being ordered as these are all taken.

As the pieces of the puzzles come together, a bigger plan is revealing bit by bit in front of my eyes.  With the spiritual father’s guidance, the Marian Land project I have been praying about on behalf of the children finally seems to be possible.  Please pray for a special intention.  Thank you.  I built a webpage for the statues.  If you are interested in supporting this mission in whatever way you are able to (I am asking for prayer especially), please visit Religious Statue.  I thank you very much.

August 22, 2012 Happy feast of the Blessed Mother’s Queenship

I talked to my sister Phuonghang in Vietnam on the eve of the Blessed Mother’s feast day.  She told me she just shipped another ten statues to me.  TEN!?!?!??? What am I going to do with all of them?Calmly she answered: “You will sell them eventually.  They are very beautiful, and people will buy them…”  I woke up in the middle of the night asking Our Lady whether it truly is my mission to bring as many of her statues back to the States as I am able so they can help us with our faith as many Medieval paintings and crucifixes have helped me convert to Catholicism.  I dared to ask Her to intercede for me, to give me a sign during Mass to put me at ease knowing it is the will of God.  After Mass, a sign was given to me!  So here I am with a “heavy” mission.  If you are interested in having one of these religious statues in your back yard or in your prayer room to help you with prayer and meditation, or to give it to a loved one as a special gift, contact me by email:  There are two types: Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Grace.  They are ranged from 28-40 inches respectfully from 70-150lb.  You can pick them up either in Rochester or Geneseo, New York.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for shipping and handling fee.  These will be available sometimes in mid October.   O Mother of God, intercede for us. Amen.


August 15, 2012 Happy feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother!

... So I was confirmed that the statues have arrived in Rochester, NY on the Eve of the Assumption.

What a beautiful gift on her solemnity.   After many phone call and email exchanges, I finally had an appointment with a Custom and Border Protection officer for a custom clearance.  After about 2 hours waiting patiently with being questioned in between because of the magnitude of the shipment, we are cleared to go!!! Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayer.  At one point, I thought there was serious problem.


There were 3 strong gentlemen waiting to help us.  Who are us? Betsy and me.  One of the statues is for Betsy. 

Betsy was also overwhelmed and happy as I was.  With a bright and joyous smile almost with tears, she shared with me:

This morning (she did not know she was the chosen one to help me) her housemate asked to borrow her car.  Betsy then had to take her girlfriend's vehicle, a new, powerful pickup truck.  She did not care for it much because she had to ask for a permit to park where she works because the truck does not have the SUNY sticker on it.  After Mass, she asked me when the statues would arrive and whether I needed help.  She really wanted to come since one is hers and wanted to watch me greet them. I told her my uncle backed out yesterday, and no one else offered.  I did not want to ask people unless they take the initiative to offer because this is a joyful welcoming, and I don't want anyone who helps, feels it is a burden.  I told Betsy, I have been receiving so many signs.  I should trust Our Lady and spiritually prepare myself for the grace and not to worry too much.  "If I have no help, I will just drive one statue at a time to a friend's house nearby until 5 are out of the warehouse." I told her. (of course that would never be possible now I see why!)  Betsy then said she would arrange and meet me there...  I zoomed to the city as fast as I could right after work.  I almost fainted when I saw Betsy.  She drove the most powerful truck I would not ask for, but it is so perfect.   Betsy could not believe it.  That truck could handle 700+ lb. while I drove one 300lb. statue.  With angels clearing the road, we flew home.

After about an hour, we arrived at the house.  Betsy's girlfriend, Rene was supposed to help but she could not wait so she left.  She worried but I told her I have now just called a couple of young men whom I know when they were babies, for help, and they were available.  And one of them, yes, you guess it, names Joseph.  My neighbor George also came.  They are college students and were enthusiastic and willing as they could be.  Both play sports and stay in shape so what better and stronger men I could ask for?  It was providential that they were around when I called for help.  My dear sister friend Deedee also came. She is a devout and is the loving mother of the young man Joseph!  "Joseph came to help Mary the Queen's statues that just arrived from the King’s Express warehouse; of course", with faith Betsy captured the spirit of the afternoon.


The statues are SO HEAVY.  I picked them out from the shop in Vietnam but never ready moved them so I did not realize how dense and heavy marble is.  These statues are very special graces from Viet Nam. How I got them is another miracle which reassured me of Our Lady's intercession.  I picked them out while I was there one by one with faith and love.  They traveled by boat and then by train for about a month and a half.  Their total weight is over 1,000 lb and I did not know exactly when they would arrive.  I was blown away when I was told a week before that they would get to the final destination in Rochester for me to pick up on the Assumption of Our Lady.  My sister Diem in Wind Gap, her sister-in-law, Betsy and I have been looking for one for a very long time.  I had to go to Vietnam to find them :-)


Pray for us Oh Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of your Son.  Amen.


May 15, 2012 Today my youngest niece, Annie Huynh turned one month old.  May God bless and shower special graces on this little girl for she has a challenging life ahead of her.  Amen.

Last Saturday, we went to Wind Gap, Pennsylvania for my youngest nephew, Andrew’s First Holy Communion. It was a beautiful and blessed time for all of us. It was edifying to witness the little ones welcoming the Lord in the Eucharist for the very first time in their life.  Andrew goes to Sacred Heart of Jesus parish of the Diocese of Allentown.  Andrew was chosen from the group to do the first Gospel reading.  He sure read it well with the heart of his soul.  Praise You, Lord for bestowing this gift on him and his brother.  They are recognized and taught as gifted children in their school.  During the homily, Fr. Francis Nave asked the children a question: “What is more important than First Holy Communion?”  Even I tried to find the right answer that would watch with his, but I could not. “The second Holy Communion”, he told them after they tried but failed to read his mind.  “It is because you do it for the love of Jesus”, he explained his answer.  I thought that was very insightful.  With that line of thought, I would say that the last Holy Communion we received is more important than the one before that.  The one I am going to receive tomorrow is more important than the one I received today.  May You give us, especially those who are wavering in faith and the little ones, the grace to perceive your ever loving and presence in our life, in every moment and step we take while traveling on this spiritual journey, O Lord. Amen.


My sister Diem does well to encourage Andrew and his older brother, Jerod, my God-son to learn and practice their faith.  Besides attending Sunday Masses, weekly they go to religious classes.  “The best gift you can ever give to your children is to teach them about God and to help them perceive that their love and their faith in God will help them achieve all things in this life”, I often remind her of this sacred truth.  Parents play a very important role in the life of faith of their children.  May You bless the parents abundantly as they try to guide and bring the children closer to You, dear Lord.  Amen.     

April 30, 2012 Here I am apologizing for being absent for so long.

Christ has risen indeed.  Alleluia!

There have been so many blessings.  I am growing through everything whether at prayer/studying or staying active/giving talk; spending time with friends or visiting the sick/the elderly in hospitals/nursing homes.   When I say growing, I mean I have learned to recognize my weaknesses, to be humbled by them and to see the need to convert for the love of Him who loves us unconditionally. 

Witnessing the ups and downs of elderly friends, their flight and suffering, with them I contemplate often on our human limitation and infirmity: “man, who is merely a breath whose life fades like a passing shadow” (Psalm 144:4); You, O Lord “Make us know the shortness of our life that we may gain wisdom of heart.” (Psalm 90:12) Yes, I see: “Common folk are only a breath, great men an illusion. Placed in the scales, they rise; they weigh less than a breath” (Psalm 62:10)

What is the meaning of life? to lose oneself in perfect love for the salvation of all mankind who is to return to their original state in God’s image and likeness by love and for love… We pray for the grace, O Lord!

I have also been writing icons almost daily whenever I have time.  It can be fifteen minutes, an hour or a longer period of time.  My Godparents generously allow me to use a corner of the sunroom which was recently renovated.  The morning sun is ever perfect for an art studio.  Most of all, I am free from being bothered by the cats J.  With my busy schedule, this is the best I can do if I want to write icon daily.  It is not so convenient to go to my studio when I do not have a long period of time.  On the third Saturday of Lent, I gave a talk at Morgan Estates the Assisted Living community in town.  It was beautiful to be with the residents.  I brought several of my icons to show them.  By Easter Sunday, I finished four new icons: Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John the Baptist and the Crucifixion (I started the last two about four years ago).  Accompanied by the saints and angels whom I did awhile back, they were on display in Merton Hall at Genesee Abbey for the community who has helped nourishing my spirit and soul. Then a few weeks after, they were with me when I gave a talk to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) students.  “I saw her tears”, said one student about the icon of Our Lady of Tender Compassion as he shed his own when disclosing his struggling as an exile to me… 

Yes, it seems I now have a traveling icon chapel.  I am grateful for whatever You give me, dear Lord.

I am writing a crucifix shape icon at the meantime (like that of the Abbey Crucifix).  My next ones will be St. Bernard, St. John the Forerunner (full size), St. Clare and St. Gertrude.  God willing they all will be done by August 2012.  I am happy
to be able to offer up whatever I endure while writing these icons for those in need.

Thank you all for your support and prayer.  God bless us all!  Amen.

February 25, 2012   The Lenten season has started.  This year it is more special than the year before, and I am sure next year it will be even more special because we are one year closer to our Heavenly HOME!


Today Mother Marija of Holy Annunciation in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania wrote me: “I wish you a blessed Sunday of the Holy Images and Icons - celebrating the victory of the Church over the iconoclast persecution. You are a prime inheritor of that struggle - and giving us what the holy Fathers wanted - beautiful Images of Christ the Incarnate Word, and so describable in His human nature…” Thank you dear Mother Marija.

Earlier I shared with Mother Marija:

“In my case, however, I am not at all a hermit, and I am neither a true iconographer by definition.  I am just trying hard to live the life of the Gospel with all the prayer and the help I can get, and this is my priority.  I am almost always busy.  However, somehow, the Lord graces me with writing icons.  I, therefore, do it in faith and not in confidence that I have become a real iconographer.

We define what an iconographer is, but only God can see to it that the works of our labor through love will bear fruit.  I believe, if one has a call, she will see that the Lord has a way to lead her toward that path, including having a desire to serve him through writing icons despite the many obstacles such as thinking she has no artistic talent; no resources; no time, etc.  I have gone through so many trials to arrive at this stage.  As Abba John Eudes shared with me once that the Spirit will put a desire in a soul so he/she can be ready to accept and respond to the invitation once God begins to shower his graces upon him or her.  If the Lord wills it, and we desire to respond generously to it, his holy will will be done!  As Saint Bernard emphasized it: "Without doubt the beginning of our salvation is effected by God... But consent and act even if not from us, do not occur without us."”

Yesterday I was inspired to write an icon of our beloved St. Francis of Assisi.  Thank you Lord! (Sorry St. Francis.  It took me this long to begin writing an icon of yours.  You are one of the most humble saints so I know you would not mind at all J ) The same day, I received devastating news that our dear friend Miss Keating fell and broke her hip.  She is in her mid 90's. She was living alone in her own home where she was born!  There is no close relative!  She is the oldest devout Catholic friend I know who always cares for others through prayers and contributions.  She is always eager to help those who are in need.  No one is a stranger to her.  All her life, as a holy lay person, she loves and serves the Lord with joy and grace.  I am sure the Lord and his Blessed Mother are taking good care of her. Her surgery was successful, and she is doing well (as of today news). Even though it will be a long recovery, I trust with God's grace, she will endure it for her spirit is strong, and so is her faith.  May the Lord have mercy on our dear sister!  Then our Br. Christian went through a painful and serious surgery also.  Please pray for them both and for all who are suffering as we stay united in God’s love through the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins and carries our burden. 

February 8, 2012 Yes, it has been awhile since I last updated the site.  I apologize.  The truth is I am getting busier as I grow J and therefore I must take time out and set my priority straight.  Besides, most of you who know me well do hear from me via email anyway.  Yes, I finally finished Our Lady of Intercessor right before New Year.  On January 1, 2012 on the feast of the Mother of God and my 4th Anniversary of Solemn Vow, Abbot John Denburger blessed the icon in the Abbey Chapter room.  I am now working on another icon of the same subject and also of St. John the Baptist.  

Right after Christmas, I took Our Lady of Meliore icon home to oil it.  That whole process took exactly one month. Soon I will update the link with new pictures. Some of the pictures are of the oiling process and the others are of the written texts in the back of the icon.  Then, I got ready for my talk at Holy Annunciation in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania last weekend.  Thank you all for your prayer.  My next sharing will be with the Newman students of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Things are coming along well, and so are my encountering new people and learning experiences.  When I was younger and had very little experience in living the faith, I received many consolations directly from the Lord.  Now He raises the bar because I get older and I seem to be more mature in spirit.  Lately, I often find Him in those whom I encounter, and I have to respond to Him through my dealing with people whether they are easy to deal with.  We cannot stand still.  We have to grow one step at a time to reach the steps of spiritual perfection where the Lord awaits us in contemplation.   

"We seek after virtues for the sake of the reasons of created things, and from these we pass on to contemplation of the Logos who gives them their being.  And the Logos is accustomed to manifest himself in the state of prayer.  The state of prayer is the condition of passionlessness, which by a supreme love snatches up on high the mind in love with wisdom, the spiritual mind."   -- Evagrius Ponticus’ Chapters on Prayer: 52, 53.

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