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September 9th 2016 was a beautiful morning on Genesee St., in Piffard, NY. One by one, the BOCES students got off the bus escorted by Mr. Cali. Mr. McKeown joined Mr. Wilson who introduced Minh who welcomed these chosen young men and women with a grateful heart to God. She thanked them, and she prays that this will be a wonderful teaching-learning experience and a grace-filled journey for all as they work together as a team, a family with much respect and care for one another’s growth and happiness. Amen.

It would be normal for anyone to be nervous about having students build their house while learning to build for the first time. Minh was not an exception. Besides, she has been waiting for so long to found this Marian House that the thought of waiting nine months for another school year to end (when the house is finished) seemed like forever. But all of these feelings changed after Minh spent the first day with the classes. She witnessed and realized how important and what a blessing this is for teachers and students to have such a unique opportunity to lecture and practice on site to build an actual house with real building materials. This finished building project will bring them pride in their work and will carry forth lasting memories working together as a united team and caring family.

Working on helping young people with their confidence and spiritual well-being is one of Minh’s priorities. Building the house is important, but Minh values the opportunity to spend time and interact (as she films, interviews and documents the progress made) with teachers and students. A friend sent a quote taken from Julian of Norwich in responding to Minh’s sharing her joy: “When we open our heart even a tiny bit to invite God in, he is wildly generous, beyond anything we could expect or imagine.” May it be done so to us. Amen.

Minh prays ardently for all of us to respond to that very grace. Only love can build and make all things strong and ever-lasting. The love and care these teachers have for their students can be observed and perceived in the ways they interact with them. Like good fathers, the teachers pass down their knowledge and experiences, and these young ones are so eager to learn. Try to learn and do your best, for “By the labor of your hands you shall eat. You will be happy and prosper”, said the Lord!

Minh’s reflection for the first weekly poster for BOCES

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“First Sunday of Advent – Marian Children ministry – Movie Productions” http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/first-sunday-of-advent-marian-children-ministry-movie-productions/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/first-sunday-of-advent-marian-children-ministry-movie-productions/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 18:17:45 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=73 November 29, 2014

Here I am again, moving along with grace.  What have I been up to, and where I am going? After days of working on editing the movie clips about the Annunciation Musical, which involved the Rochester Catholic Homeschooled children, I have a clearer vision of what I am to follow up: the Marian Children ministry – Movie Productions.

My patron saint Clare of Assisi, is the patron saint of the media such as Internet and TV.  I feel it is appropriate for me to head toward that direction.  With God’s help and Our Lady’s intercession, I would like to be a help if some children would like to share their faith, their gifts and life with God.  Through the movies (which will be upload on YouTube), the children, their spiritual stories, virtues and unique experiences will help inspire and bring hope to others.

If any parent would like their child/children to participate in this, please send me a brief write up about their story @ minhkh@rochester.rr.com.  God willing, I will review and arrange for an interview and a movie shooting.

Here are the 4 movies I posted:
1. Annunciation Musical project (working with the Rochester Catholic Homeschool Children)
2. Annunciation Musical project – the children’s ministry (children teaching their peers and sisterhood)
3. A miracle story of Devon, the shepherd boy (Byzantine Carmelite Nuns, the sheep and Devon)
4. Jordan the 8 year-old farmer boy (his daily work and responsibility)

I do not know what the Lord wants of me. I just have to use my gifts for his honor and glory in blind faith as He allows me one day at a time.

I will miss being in the Abbey Church during Advent this year due to the Church Renovation which takes much longer than has planned. Last year, I spent plenty of quiet time with the Lord and Our Lady in prayer. I was composing the Annunciation Musical (the scenes and songs) and busy making garments for the children and editing movies for them. Time passes and I believe what matters most is our growing in faith and love for God…

May you and your family have a blessed Advent. I thank God always for your love and prayerful support for me and the Marian Children ministry as I ask God to bless and keep you always near to His Sacred Heart! Amen.

Gratefully in the Lord’s love and Our Lady’s embrace,

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Feast of St. Michael and all the Archangels http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/feast-of-st-micheal-and-all-the-archangels/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/feast-of-st-micheal-and-all-the-archangels/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 18:02:16 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=70 September 29, 2014

By the grace of God, I finally was able to finish two of the five movie clips for the documentary movie of the Annunciation project I have envisioned.   Since the files are very big (1-2 GB) I put them on YouTube.  The links are: Annunciation Musical project and Annunciation Musical project – the children ministry. I am still working on the ones I am to send to Pope Francis; of the whole play and of the retreat.

I thank God for a blessed year and the many graces and consolations bestowed on us especially during the time I worked with the children.  I trust He will definitely turn the journey we have walked together into something wonderful in the future to come.   Many thanks for all your holy prayer and support,especially for the parents and children who made extra effort to help with the interview.   In one part of the documentary movie I wrote: “There is so much suffering in the world and the children are the most vulnerable ones.  If I can help plant a seed of faith and bring a smile to a child, may one suffering child be protected, consoled and strengthened…”

To Mother Marija I wrote: “The devils want us to live in fear.  We pray for Holy Father and the Church more because of the threats of those who have not yet experienced God’s love in them. YES, we pray, but I feel we must take extra effort to do more good and especially to do little acts of love and kindness like St. Therese would do.  Love is the ultimate weapon that can destroy evil.   Jesus’ life was not spared… Only His love triumphed.”

Gratefully in the Lord’s love and Our Lady’s embrace,

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“First Marian Children Annual Retreat was a great success. Praise the Lord!” http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/first-marian-children-annual-retreat-was-a-great-success-praise-the-lord/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/first-marian-children-annual-retreat-was-a-great-success-praise-the-lord/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 17:49:55 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=65 June 14, 2014


Thank you all very much for your thoughtfulness and your prayer.   We were so blessed, blessed and blessed!!!  God gave us the biggest sign of approval, love and consolation through the weather.

As the date was near, 80%-95% chance of rain was predicted.  It would be in the mid 80’s, humid, raining, thundering and lightening, especially during the three days of our retreat.   People were worried and wanted a plan B.  I too was concerned but tried to have faith: “Dear Blessed Mother, I brought you the children.  We are all yours so do whatever you wish with us.”   I confined with her.   She definitely interceded for us the way mother knows best!

God’s gentle breeze sustained and energized us the whole time.  The sun never came to bring heat and humidity.  It was just perfect and perfect throughout, both day and night…   Right after the dress-rehearsal on Thursday, June 12, when we had one hour break before the actually play, the rain finally came but just for about one minute.  Then appeared the sunshine for the first time since we got there.  It was surely a smile from the Most High.  We smiled with Him in gratitude and awe as we praised the Heavenly Father because one of our songs, “Sing Praise to God” says: “It is raining but it is clear.  Here comes the sun and bright blue sky…”  Blue sky then appeared with the sun as to open the stage to welcome our guests who came with their lawn chairs.   How incredible and encouraging for all of us, especially the little ones who have worked so hard!

All went beautifully and lovely. The children did great with confidence and joy as little innocent ones of the Mother of God – Marian Children as they are called.  They were absolutely adorable in their fitted ivory long tunics.   (Afterward, I tried to wash out the mud/grass stains.  I saw how it is all mothers’ nightmare to wash children’s light color clothes after they play in the field/yard.)  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love.   This grace-filled experience reassured me of Our Lady’s message that I took to heart and started the mission intensively beginning last May. When everything was over, I could just silently cried to her who knew what it took to get to this day.  She is so amazingly loving!  Many graces and blessings were caught on video camera. 🙂   I sure will send you pictures and the documentary film once I have a chance to do so.  The film could take at least a couple months to finish.  I have 2 icons to finish in the next 2 weeks, so I have to work on them!

Before saying good bye, I interviewed some parents and children.  All were very strongly in favor of the 2nd Marian Children Annual Retreat in spring of 2015.  I was asked to write the Visitation Musical next.   “Well…”, I told the children, “you must master the Annunciation first.   You have done well but not entered into it deeply enough.”  What’s next is to be inspired.  At the meantime, we need to go out to introduce and share this amazing grace to all children of God, one at the time beginning in October 2014.   God willing!    Then there will be more children to present to Our Lady to bring them to God as time goes on.  Our loving family of faith will be bigger and stronger year by year.

While many of us could not yet put our feelings into words, we could just show them through laughter and joy.  One girl said that she now has more sisters to love, to pray, to play, to sing, to eat and to sleep with.  She never felt bored during the three days.   There were constantly things to do: praying with the monks, going to Mass, praying the rosary, doing rehearsals, playing games, enjoying the many picnic meals, taking walks and spending private time with her sisters and brothers in faith and finally doing the play together with Our Lady.  Another girl expressed: “I now have more friends to keep, and it is Mother Mary who did it for me.”   One boy spoke up that the highlight for him was to pray with the monks in the cloister.  We all agreed they have spoken for all of us!

Thank you all for your love and prayer.  We especially thank those who contributed their time and food.  We consumed and shared everything you brought in gratitude and with satisfaction.  Thank you and thank you with prayer for your intention!   In and out come and go, together with more than 20 people on retreat, there were about 40-50 of us involving in this.

All for God’s love, honor and glory in Our Lady’s motherly embrace.
Yours in His Sacred and Her Immaculate Hearts,

Click here to see The Annunciation Musical Project

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Marian Children – The Story http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/marian-children-the-story/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/marian-children-the-story/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 16:52:24 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=51 March 1, 2014

sl-aLike many who have had personal encounters with God which helped direct their lives to a deeper and more meaningful search for the Truth, sustained by God’s grace and mercy, I am trying to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation and their spiritual well-being with the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary and the guidance of my spiritual father John Eudes Bamberger.

About one year after my conversion to Catholicism in April 1998, I felt I was not a good Catholic when I realized I did not know Our Lady. “Unless you are ready to know her, the Spirit would not inspire you to ask. Now that you are aware of what your soul desires, you will recognize the grace more readily when it is given to you. In order to get to know her, you have to try to imitate her virtues”, the spiritual father consoled me. As we prayed for my intention, I finally had an intense experience of the Mother of God who reassured me of my ministry: sharing “A Soul’s Journey with God”.

About five years later, another significantly personal experience of her inspired me to begin the Marian Children ministry in which I tried to bring children closer to the Lord Jesus through Our Lady in the way I have experienced. In 2006, I made a short movie of the Annunciation with the help of several mothers and children of different cultures and races. When I was not actively involved with the children, I did what I could to help plant seeds of God’s love into these little souls.

In 2012, after obtaining many special marble statues of the Lord and Our Lady, I wanted to establish a modest spiritual retreat place for children. While patiently searching for a piece of land, on the eve of Our Lady of Fatima feast in 2013, I was invited to teach the Rochester Catholic Homeschooled children. I am now working with 70 of them on faith and art on every first Friday of the month.

“Please tell me what I am to do with your dear children O Blessed Mother!”, I asked for her help. Scenes and songs for Annunciation musical gradually came together. The completed play was finally written on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Praise the Lord!

Working on the musical with the children is not about finding out who can sing, can play music and can act well. Those are important, but it is more essential for the children to experience working together as a loving Christian community. They need to learn virtues like that of Our Lady in unity, peace and joy to help build up their faith – that they are loved; confidence – that they can be and do anything according to God’s will; strength – that they can persevere with God’s help to overcome all the obstacles and challenges which are inevitable in this life to help them grow in knowledge and love of God. Therefore, please pray for the intention; please support and encourage our children to participate in spiritual activities and gatherings.

The chosen Homeschooled children are doing well with their roles in the Annunciation musical. During the 1st Marian Children Annual Retreat which will take place in June 2014, we will do the play outside in the fields. Soon after I plan to complete the documentary movie about this beautiful experience so it can be shared with parishes and groups to demonstrate that God’s children all have special gifts. They can actively contribute to the holy life of the Church and Her mission. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14-15

I thank God with Our Lady and my spiritual father for all the graces and reassurances. I am grateful for the many people sent to make this beautiful spiritual journey a unique one yet to be unfolded and told for the honor and glory of God. Amen.





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“… What is it dear Blessed Mother that I should stay focused on? my lesson plans for the children?” http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/september-19-2013/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/september-19-2013/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 16:25:31 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=46 September 19, 2013

In response to a sister in Christ, Catherine from Toronto who wrote:  “I too am continuing to pray for the Lord’s will in your life and for His hand to be upon your endeavors.  Please know you have many helping hands and praying hearts that are a message away!  I hope that amidst your new working schedule at the college you are filled with a restful spirit and are provided with all that you need to serve our Lord.”,  I responded:  “Slowly and patiently, I am running after the Lord who is leading me on a speedy road.  After giving the children a retreat in July, I was told that about 65+ children from 5-12 years old have signed up for my monthly spiritual art classes.  That, I need your prayer!  I have lesson plans ready to go.  By the grace of God, I am trusting that Our Lady is inspiring me as the day is getting closer, and She will be there to guide us.”  Together with the loving Blessed Mother, my dear St. Francis will intercede for me.  As God wills it, the first Friday of October falls on his feast day, October 4th!  Thank you Lord for all the careful details you always arrange and for all the little graces which you have been faithfully and lovingly giving me as signs of your loving concern to my every need.

Who are the children?   Let’s go back to April, 2013.   Then, winter was over.  I continued to focus on looking for that piece of land I mentioned many months ago.  I had a hard time getting in touch with Mr. Joseph so my patience was running low.  My realtor friend Ena encouraged me not to give up.  Spring was getting more and more beautiful.  While the birds sang their morning songs and danced in the misty sun rays, happily to be the first to announce to all creation a new day, I felt the urge more than ever to find that “promised land”.  But after a few weeks, I came to my senses and told myself not to push it for the Lord will provide if it is in deed his holy will.  I was at ease and able to stay focused on other tasks.  Then on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, May 12, I received a phone message from Janene Loughran on behalf of the Catholic Homeschooled Community of Rochester asking whether I would be willing to work with their children on art every first Friday of the month.  After consulting my spiritual father and a prayerful discernment, I responded “Yes”   “Of course dear Lord!  The children are what make the Marian land come to life.  An empty piece of land is lifeless and worthless.  I need to know what their hearts desire in seeking to love You and to please You even though they have not yet been reminded of the hidden truth which is the source of every creature’s abiding happiness, for we are created by You and for You.  St. Augustine revealed this awesome insight that our hearts are restless until they rest in You;  Therefore O Lord, I need to learn how to work with them in order to pass on what I have been taught and how I have been loved – the kind of love that is rooted in You.  Only you O Lord, for you are the God who can soften our hearts and influence our responses to your grace effectively.  As Dante described You – You are the love which moves the sun and the other stars.”,  I prayed.  The Lord seemed to arrange it.  A special retreat day was scheduled so I could meet and get to know some of the children and the parents.  Friday, July 26 was the date which turned out to be the feast of the parents of Our Lady, Sts. Joachim and Ann.  We had a beautiful and fruitful day.  Rev. Father John Eudes met and gave the group a brief talk then he gave his blessings.  I shared God’s special book of my life to them as an encouragement for them to imitate and cooperate with God as he too is writing a book about each of them.  With Abbot Gerard’s permission, we prayed the Marian Children Rosary in the Abbey church after we prayed Sext with the community.  The children were stars.  The brothers were edified!!!  Many thanks to the mothers for keeping an eye on them during the retreat.  We are grateful to St. Mary’s in Geneseo for allowing us to use their parish center where we garthered for lunch.  I personally thank Anita Braymond for all her help and hospitality.  Among all who talked passionately about wanting to be involved with the Marian Land project, she was the only one chosen to help me that day.  It meant very much that the children were able to pray the Rosary in the Abbey church.  Many years ago, I had a vision of Our Lady giving me a string of peal-like beads in that very chapel which prompted me to start the Marian Children ministry.  I am sure the Lord and Our Lady were very happy to have the children come to them in the Abbey church.

Many more signs came along which prompted Rev. Father to encourage me to be more active looking for that piece of land.  I tried and tried but could not find what I thought would be the chosen foundation of this mission.  The places where I fixed my eyes upon, the land is not available for sale.  “What is it dear Blessed Mother that I should be focused on, my lesson plans for the children?  Yes, but there are more because I cannot stay put.  Please pray for me.”  I often asked her.  Time went by so fast.  It did not feel like it, but August has arrived.  One afternoon, after a period of intense silent prayer with Our Lady in the Abbey church after Mass, I walked out and saw our friend Kevin who was waiting to introduce me to his friend, Angela Carboni from Toronto.  Angela felt connected with me right away because she thought I looked so much like St. Bernadette whom she admires and loves dearly.  She founded Saint Bernadette’s Family Resource Center (http://www.stbernadettesfrc.org) about 20 years ago.  I brought her to see my imported marble statues which impressed her greatly since she is associated with a Marian shrine back home in Canada.  We talked, and to my surprise, I found out that the two ministries: St Bernadette’s and the shrine, she is involved with, have a lot to do with my future plans.  Only God knows for sure why He wanted us to meet.  Angela invited me to Canada for a visit.  About three weeks later, with faith, I made a one-day pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Gratitude and visited one of her day cares (8 hour-trip and 7 hour-visit in one day).  I came home and had a lot to process after the visit.  There are many things I saw, heard and learned from the experience. “Thank You Lord.  Thank you Blessed Mother.”  Angela has scheduled a special conference: A Catholic Perspective on a Bride of Christ, for the end of October.  She was looking for a guest speaker.”I have found you.”,  she said.  So I am scheduled to give “A Soul’s Journey With God” PowerPoint presentation on October 26, 2013 at the shrine which locates behind St. Jude’s Academy of the Arts, 3100 Weston Rd. North York, ON M9M 2S7 Canada.

To Catherine, I continued: “A couple weeks ago, on my birthday, our college newspaper editor approached me and wanted to do an article on my art.  Abbot Gerard will give a talk at our school next month. So in a way, I paved the way for him :-).  The Abbey and Rev. Father were mentioned in the article as the place where I practice my faith and the source where get my daily spiritual nourishment.  Working at the college is always a joy.  I am slowly getting back to writing icons.  There are many unfinished icons and 3 commissions (possibly 4) awaiting me.  I am too helping Angela putting together the poster announcement for the all-day event in October when I give my talk”

I am happy to stay preoccupied with the Lord’s business.  However, now and then, the workload does catch up with me.  To the Byzantine Carmelite sisters I wrote:”Many times I ask the dearest and most beloved Lord why we are so busy.  I thought once we surrender our whole being and will to him, the only busy thing we do is to love him;  therefore, to serve him.  The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few so we, his followers and laborers have to work harder.  I pray and hope that even though, some of us do not feel as if we spend much time loving our Lord because of the toil of this world, we actually love him more than we stay busy serving him.” AMEN.

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HAPPY FEAST OF THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/happy-feast-of-the-baptism-of-the-lord/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/happy-feast-of-the-baptism-of-the-lord/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 15:23:12 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=23 January 13, 2013

So far, contrary to my fear of my soul being choked to death like the seeds in the field, I am experiencing grace-fill reassurances.  Thank you for all your prayer.  Knowing my weaknesses, I try to stay close to God and stay focused on the goal and the ultimate goal which the only way to get there is through “purity of heart” as St. John Cassian mentioned.  I am able to pray and to do spiritual reading during breaks at work.  Then a few days ago, I received a clearer vision for the Marian Land.

When searching for a piece of land was put on hold, I felt the need to have a modest studio built (12’x12′) in the back yard where I live so I do not have to work in the living room or the kitchen when I did not have enough time to drive to my studio (allowed me to use by my Italian aunt and uncle).  Finally, a young carpenter, Joshua offered to build it for me.  He could do it right away, and I could have it by the end of January so I can start working on a painting commission which is due in March.  I put all my hope in it.  However, a number of obstacles arose that impeded the project.  From when I desired this studio until now it has been almost 5 months.  I lost my patience.  I could not find a clear answer to the lack of cooperation by one of the persons concerned.  I was very upset.  In the Gospel reading that day, the Lord said: “It is I… Courage”.  I took it literally as if He were telling me, like Pharaoh, He has hardened someone’s heart.  I could not be mad at anyone for I knew He allowed it.  I took it well but was quite upset.  My tears could not be controlled as I drove to work.  “O Lord, only You who could console my perplexed and disappointed heart”…  About midday, a woman whom I did not know well came to my work place in the University Duplicating Center.  In the middle of her conversation with my supervisor; the Lord used her words to catch my attention.  She shared her grandson’s boarding school experiences.  The brief description of what the grandson does at this school very much summarized what I had been trying to identify the Marian Land project.  When she left I was totally and absolutely at peace.  Only God can do this!!!  I knew then, deep down in my heart, the Lord wanted me to stay focused on this mission.  My calling of writing icons then clearly became secondary compared to it.  I am now not worrying about my studio.  I have been painting in poor conditions for the last 20 years.  A little longer would not hurt.  All my attention and resources must be given over to preparing the future of the children’s well being, the most vulnerable and dependent little ones of God, instead of my own interest.

What then is the next move, Lord?  I hastened to seek advice and contacted my friend who has offered me the land.  As it turned out, I must contact a wealthy realtor.  God knows I never really like to deal with rich, important and people in high places unless I have to.  However, I recall that providence had arranged for me to meet this man before I knew who he was.  So I looked up his number.  “His full first name is Joseph?…O my Lord! … I should not be surprise, right? … O Saint Joseph, the provider and protector of the Blessed Mother and the Lord, the human father of God’s Begotten Son and therefore of all little children, please pray for us.”  I made an act of faith and called the number.  No one answered.  “Dear Lord, I tried… I think I should leave a message because they might be away in Florida for the winter…  Yes, I will do.  If it is not for the love of You and the children, it is for my peace for I know I cannot rest until I feel I have done what you ask of me.”

Many things happened today that I have to contemplate what the Lord is trying to teach me.  Rev. Father reproved me earlier this morning for my being too energized about this whole project, especially when it comes to my superficial and self-assured attitude concerning my writing a book.  He is very right as I am now pondering on what I have done and shared with friends.  Rev. Father has warned me many times not to trust many, especially those who cannot appreciate my enthusiasm and my stories about how close the Lord can be to a soul that is open to Him.  These people can have good intention, but only grace can enable them to perceive His miracles and believe in them as I do.  Thank you Lord for the immediate grace which showed me that my dear Abba was right.  Thank you for a reminder and an import lesson.  I told a couple friends that I am very at peace.  I am neither in haste nor rushing You, my Lord.

By the end of the day, prompted by an uncomfortable feeling and experience after I get to know some people better, I took the initiative to get in touch with another realtor whom I have dealt with before.  I wanted to contact him on behalf of a friend who is looking for a room to rent.  Today, I called and left him a message.  And his name is John! Yes, the Lord gave His dear Blessed Mother to John to take care of her.  I am thinking aloud and praying to my Lord: “Who would it be Lord, St. Joseph or St. John who would be responsible to help me?”

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O HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, PLEASE INTERCEDE FOR US http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/o-holy-mother-of-god-please-intercede-for-us/ http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/2016/11/14/o-holy-mother-of-god-please-intercede-for-us/#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:31:11 +0000 http://www.ourladyofnewhelfta.com/blog/?p=14 January 1, 2013

minh-vowToday is my 5th Anniversary of Solemn Vow to consecrate my self and my life to God.  I met with Rev. Father before Mass to renew my Vow.   It was a beautiful grace.  He said a heart-felt prayer to God.   Then after giving thanks to the Lord Most High, the Lover of souls, for the many special graces bestowed on me during the last five years, I renewed my vow, uttering from the depth of my heart as if the Lord, Jesus and His Blessed Mother were present in persons.  I spent most of the day in church knowing that tomorrow will begin a new chapter.  To the brother monks I wrote something like this:

It was twenty five years ago I went to Geneseo for college.  Then I got accepted to the University of Buffalo to study architecture.  However, God had another plan.    I let go of everything and journeyed an unknown path.   Ten years later, I arrived to its destination: conversion to Christianity.  Then about ten years later, after living like a Poor Clare and learning how to live the faith, I was chosen to be one of His handmaids who has the grace to desire to imitate His Blessed Mother in all virtues.

A great gift I received for my special day was the pilgrimage to France where I visited Citeaux, the Cistercian Mother House and other Marian shrines in addition to the homes of some of my favorite Saints (Bernadette of Lourdes and Therese of Lisieux).  A few months later, the Lord gave me a “real” job. “Not full-time O Lord for I need to write icons and live my spiritual life”.  He granted me my wish.  Like the grace given to St. Bernadette and her family (after the first apparition, her father got a job, and the family did not have to live in poverty as before), I did not have to do many extra jobs so could spend more time and energy in living the spiritual life and writing icons…

Last June I went to Vietnam to visit my ill father. I encountered beautiful and inspiring religious statues.   God’s many special graces helped me to import a few to the States.   This heavy mission led me to the desire to work for the Marian Land project on behalf the children spiritual well-being (a small and humble summer spiritual boarding school).   I then started to look for a piece of land to purchase…   I found one on the other end of River road, about 3 minutes from the Abbey, but I don’t feel at home there.  So it is on hold.  As I disclosed this earnest inspiration to friends, a few have generously offered their help and even money to purchase the land, but I told them I want to make sure it is the will of God. I do not want to feel pressured by those who give me money even though their intention is good.  If God wills it, I told them, he will provide.   I am willing to work and save money for this righteous cause.  I need to have the freedom to act when it is God’s time.

The next day when I went to work, my supervisor told me our department would also be responsible for printing BIG POSTERS in addition to the various other kinds of printing we have been doing.  That meant we needed to hire another part-timer unless I wanted to reconsider and accept working full-time.   I needed time to pray and to consult my spiritual father… We negotiated and agreed that I would go back to part-time in the summer.  I also made sure that I would do anything possible to be able to attend daily Mass…  All required requests were granted to me! Praise the Lord!

In this Abbey church (I wrote this letter in church) for almost 15 years, I have been sustained and nourished by the Word of God and the Most Precious Body and Blood of His Son.  Many special graces were revealed to me during Masses.  I thank you for living your vocation faithfully and for being a great support and help to me as well as many others…

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