Genesee Valley BOCES Building Trades begins to build the Marian House in Piffard, New York

16 Nov

Happy belated birthday Blessed Mother!
September 9th 2016 was a beautiful morning on Genesee St., in Piffard, NY. One by one, the BOCES students got off the bus escorted by Mr. Cali. Mr. McKeown joined Mr. Wilson who introduced Minh who welcomed these chosen young men and women with a grateful heart to God. She thanked them, and she prays that this will be a wonderful teaching-learning experience and a grace-filled journey for all as they work together as a team, a family with much respect and care for one another’s growth and happiness. Amen.

It would be normal for anyone to be nervous about having students build their house while learning to build for the first time. Minh was not an exception. Besides, she has been waiting for so long to found this Marian House that the thought of waiting nine months for another school year to end (when the house is finished) seemed like forever. But all of these feelings changed after Minh spent the first day with the classes. She witnessed and realized how important and what a blessing this is for teachers and students to have such a unique opportunity to lecture and practice on site to build an actual house with real building materials. This finished building project will bring them pride in their work and will carry forth lasting memories working together as a united team and caring family.

Working on helping young people with their confidence and spiritual well-being is one of Minh’s priorities. Building the house is important, but Minh values the opportunity to spend time and interact (as she films, interviews and documents the progress made) with teachers and students. A friend sent a quote taken from Julian of Norwich in responding to Minh’s sharing her joy: “When we open our heart even a tiny bit to invite God in, he is wildly generous, beyond anything we could expect or imagine.” May it be done so to us. Amen.

Minh prays ardently for all of us to respond to that very grace. Only love can build and make all things strong and ever-lasting. The love and care these teachers have for their students can be observed and perceived in the ways they interact with them. Like good fathers, the teachers pass down their knowledge and experiences, and these young ones are so eager to learn. Try to learn and do your best, for “By the labor of your hands you shall eat. You will be happy and prosper”, said the Lord!

Minh’s reflection for the first weekly poster for BOCES

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