Marian Children – The Story

14 Nov

March 1, 2014

sl-aLike many who have had personal encounters with God which helped direct their lives to a deeper and more meaningful search for the Truth, sustained by God’s grace and mercy, I am trying to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation and their spiritual well-being with the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary and the guidance of my spiritual father John Eudes Bamberger.

About one year after my conversion to Catholicism in April 1998, I felt I was not a good Catholic when I realized I did not know Our Lady. “Unless you are ready to know her, the Spirit would not inspire you to ask. Now that you are aware of what your soul desires, you will recognize the grace more readily when it is given to you. In order to get to know her, you have to try to imitate her virtues”, the spiritual father consoled me. As we prayed for my intention, I finally had an intense experience of the Mother of God who reassured me of my ministry: sharing “A Soul’s Journey with God”.

About five years later, another significantly personal experience of her inspired me to begin the Marian Children ministry in which I tried to bring children closer to the Lord Jesus through Our Lady in the way I have experienced. In 2006, I made a short movie of the Annunciation with the help of several mothers and children of different cultures and races. When I was not actively involved with the children, I did what I could to help plant seeds of God’s love into these little souls.

In 2012, after obtaining many special marble statues of the Lord and Our Lady, I wanted to establish a modest spiritual retreat place for children. While patiently searching for a piece of land, on the eve of Our Lady of Fatima feast in 2013, I was invited to teach the Rochester Catholic Homeschooled children. I am now working with 70 of them on faith and art on every first Friday of the month.

“Please tell me what I am to do with your dear children O Blessed Mother!”, I asked for her help. Scenes and songs for Annunciation musical gradually came together. The completed play was finally written on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Praise the Lord!

Working on the musical with the children is not about finding out who can sing, can play music and can act well. Those are important, but it is more essential for the children to experience working together as a loving Christian community. They need to learn virtues like that of Our Lady in unity, peace and joy to help build up their faith – that they are loved; confidence – that they can be and do anything according to God’s will; strength – that they can persevere with God’s help to overcome all the obstacles and challenges which are inevitable in this life to help them grow in knowledge and love of God. Therefore, please pray for the intention; please support and encourage our children to participate in spiritual activities and gatherings.

The chosen Homeschooled children are doing well with their roles in the Annunciation musical. During the 1st Marian Children Annual Retreat which will take place in June 2014, we will do the play outside in the fields. Soon after I plan to complete the documentary movie about this beautiful experience so it can be shared with parishes and groups to demonstrate that God’s children all have special gifts. They can actively contribute to the holy life of the Church and Her mission. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14-15

I thank God with Our Lady and my spiritual father for all the graces and reassurances. I am grateful for the many people sent to make this beautiful spiritual journey a unique one yet to be unfolded and told for the honor and glory of God. Amen.





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