“First Sunday of Advent – Marian Children ministry – Movie Productions”

14 Nov

November 29, 2014

Here I am again, moving along with grace.  What have I been up to, and where I am going? After days of working on editing the movie clips about the Annunciation Musical, which involved the Rochester Catholic Homeschooled children, I have a clearer vision of what I am to follow up: the Marian Children ministry – Movie Productions.

My patron saint Clare of Assisi, is the patron saint of the media such as Internet and TV.  I feel it is appropriate for me to head toward that direction.  With God’s help and Our Lady’s intercession, I would like to be a help if some children would like to share their faith, their gifts and life with God.  Through the movies (which will be upload on YouTube), the children, their spiritual stories, virtues and unique experiences will help inspire and bring hope to others.

If any parent would like their child/children to participate in this, please send me a brief write up about their story @ minhkh@rochester.rr.com.  God willing, I will review and arrange for an interview and a movie shooting.

Here are the 4 movies I posted:
1. Annunciation Musical project (working with the Rochester Catholic Homeschool Children)
2. Annunciation Musical project – the children’s ministry (children teaching their peers and sisterhood)
3. A miracle story of Devon, the shepherd boy (Byzantine Carmelite Nuns, the sheep and Devon)
4. Jordan the 8 year-old farmer boy (his daily work and responsibility)

I do not know what the Lord wants of me. I just have to use my gifts for his honor and glory in blind faith as He allows me one day at a time.

I will miss being in the Abbey Church during Advent this year due to the Church Renovation which takes much longer than has planned. Last year, I spent plenty of quiet time with the Lord and Our Lady in prayer. I was composing the Annunciation Musical (the scenes and songs) and busy making garments for the children and editing movies for them. Time passes and I believe what matters most is our growing in faith and love for God…

May you and your family have a blessed Advent. I thank God always for your love and prayerful support for me and the Marian Children ministry as I ask God to bless and keep you always near to His Sacred Heart! Amen.

Gratefully in the Lord’s love and Our Lady’s embrace,

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