“First Marian Children Annual Retreat was a great success. Praise the Lord!”

14 Nov

June 14, 2014


Thank you all very much for your thoughtfulness and your prayer.   We were so blessed, blessed and blessed!!!  God gave us the biggest sign of approval, love and consolation through the weather.

As the date was near, 80%-95% chance of rain was predicted.  It would be in the mid 80’s, humid, raining, thundering and lightening, especially during the three days of our retreat.   People were worried and wanted a plan B.  I too was concerned but tried to have faith: “Dear Blessed Mother, I brought you the children.  We are all yours so do whatever you wish with us.”   I confined with her.   She definitely interceded for us the way mother knows best!

God’s gentle breeze sustained and energized us the whole time.  The sun never came to bring heat and humidity.  It was just perfect and perfect throughout, both day and night…   Right after the dress-rehearsal on Thursday, June 12, when we had one hour break before the actually play, the rain finally came but just for about one minute.  Then appeared the sunshine for the first time since we got there.  It was surely a smile from the Most High.  We smiled with Him in gratitude and awe as we praised the Heavenly Father because one of our songs, “Sing Praise to God” says: “It is raining but it is clear.  Here comes the sun and bright blue sky…”  Blue sky then appeared with the sun as to open the stage to welcome our guests who came with their lawn chairs.   How incredible and encouraging for all of us, especially the little ones who have worked so hard!

All went beautifully and lovely. The children did great with confidence and joy as little innocent ones of the Mother of God – Marian Children as they are called.  They were absolutely adorable in their fitted ivory long tunics.   (Afterward, I tried to wash out the mud/grass stains.  I saw how it is all mothers’ nightmare to wash children’s light color clothes after they play in the field/yard.)  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love.   This grace-filled experience reassured me of Our Lady’s message that I took to heart and started the mission intensively beginning last May. When everything was over, I could just silently cried to her who knew what it took to get to this day.  She is so amazingly loving!  Many graces and blessings were caught on video camera. 🙂   I sure will send you pictures and the documentary film once I have a chance to do so.  The film could take at least a couple months to finish.  I have 2 icons to finish in the next 2 weeks, so I have to work on them!

Before saying good bye, I interviewed some parents and children.  All were very strongly in favor of the 2nd Marian Children Annual Retreat in spring of 2015.  I was asked to write the Visitation Musical next.   “Well…”, I told the children, “you must master the Annunciation first.   You have done well but not entered into it deeply enough.”  What’s next is to be inspired.  At the meantime, we need to go out to introduce and share this amazing grace to all children of God, one at the time beginning in October 2014.   God willing!    Then there will be more children to present to Our Lady to bring them to God as time goes on.  Our loving family of faith will be bigger and stronger year by year.

While many of us could not yet put our feelings into words, we could just show them through laughter and joy.  One girl said that she now has more sisters to love, to pray, to play, to sing, to eat and to sleep with.  She never felt bored during the three days.   There were constantly things to do: praying with the monks, going to Mass, praying the rosary, doing rehearsals, playing games, enjoying the many picnic meals, taking walks and spending private time with her sisters and brothers in faith and finally doing the play together with Our Lady.  Another girl expressed: “I now have more friends to keep, and it is Mother Mary who did it for me.”   One boy spoke up that the highlight for him was to pray with the monks in the cloister.  We all agreed they have spoken for all of us!

Thank you all for your love and prayer.  We especially thank those who contributed their time and food.  We consumed and shared everything you brought in gratitude and with satisfaction.  Thank you and thank you with prayer for your intention!   In and out come and go, together with more than 20 people on retreat, there were about 40-50 of us involving in this.

All for God’s love, honor and glory in Our Lady’s motherly embrace.
Yours in His Sacred and Her Immaculate Hearts,

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