Feast of St. Michael and all the Archangels

14 Nov

September 29, 2014

By the grace of God, I finally was able to finish two of the five movie clips for the documentary movie of the Annunciation project I have envisioned.   Since the files are very big (1-2 GB) I put them on YouTube.  The links are: Annunciation Musical project and Annunciation Musical project – the children ministry. I am still working on the ones I am to send to Pope Francis; of the whole play and of the retreat.

I thank God for a blessed year and the many graces and consolations bestowed on us especially during the time I worked with the children.  I trust He will definitely turn the journey we have walked together into something wonderful in the future to come.   Many thanks for all your holy prayer and support,especially for the parents and children who made extra effort to help with the interview.   In one part of the documentary movie I wrote: “There is so much suffering in the world and the children are the most vulnerable ones.  If I can help plant a seed of faith and bring a smile to a child, may one suffering child be protected, consoled and strengthened…”

To Mother Marija I wrote: “The devils want us to live in fear.  We pray for Holy Father and the Church more because of the threats of those who have not yet experienced God’s love in them. YES, we pray, but I feel we must take extra effort to do more good and especially to do little acts of love and kindness like St. Therese would do.  Love is the ultimate weapon that can destroy evil.   Jesus’ life was not spared… Only His love triumphed.”

Gratefully in the Lord’s love and Our Lady’s embrace,

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