Marian Icon to tour parishes

New Helfta is inspired to share God's given gift through Minh's religious art, specifically, the icon of Our Lady of Loving Compassion which she recently finished. It was blessed by Retired Abbot John Eudes Bamberger of Genesee Abbey on Easter 2004.

After a period of prayerful reflection, Minh felt called to have the icon visit different parishes. She hopes the opportunities will help encourage her and others to pray the Rosary. Together with the support and encouragement of the older generation who have many things to share, inspire and teach, the younger generation will lead the Rosary. We call them "The Marian Children" . Through the Blessed Mother's intercession, together, we will pray for the Universal Church, for world peace, for souls, for any special intention we may have, etc.

Upon requests, the icon (on its own stand 2'6"(W) x 6'8"(H) x 3'(D) in dimensions) will visit different churches on weekends during the months of MAY and OCTOBER which are dedicated to Our Lady and on her special feast days.

In spirit, please pray for our mission, for those who participate, especially for the children. Thank you very much.

In the Lord of love and peace and with the intercession of his Blessed Mother,

If your parish is interested in joining us to travel the journey together, please visit





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Updated February 27, 2006

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