Marian Children Scholarships

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Volunteers are needed for: public communication committee, fundraising and finance committee, spiritual and selection committee.

Donors: With your contribution, more scholarships will be established and the category of the added scholarship(s) will depend on the total amount received and the candidates applied.


If you contribute an amount that matches a designated scholarship ($200, $300 or $500), another of the same scholarship will be established.  It will be named either in your honor, in the honor of your loved one or of an organization you request.  DONATION FORM (pdf)


Your donation is tax deductable. 

Please make check payable to: The Catholic Newman Community
On the Memo line, write: For Marian Children scholarships
and mail it to: New Helfta Atelier  PO Box 464  Geneseo, NY 14454 


Thank you for your prayer and support our future generation.

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