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'... the Lord gave her to understand that it was his will that the story of these graces should be put down in writing for others to read.... "Is it not that devotion is increased in this way, serving as a reminder of my love for human beings?", ... "I have poured out my grace in your heart because I require great profit from it. That is why I want those who have received gifts similar to yours and who are careless enough to underestimate their value and make light of them to read about you; then they can recognize their own gifts and grow in gratitude and so increase in grace themselves..." '


It was in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1997, during the 32nd International Medieval Conference that Minh's very first slide presentation took place.  It was about the inspiration and the process of painting her well-known 8.5'X11' Geneseo Crucifix ( The theology of the Geneseo Crucifix) that took her two years to finish.  The successful project, which she then called it, and the people's strongly favorable reactions toward this almost 300 lb. painted wooden Crucifix convinced her that God had given her a precious gift that she was to put at the service of the people of God and indicated the vocation she was to follow.  When she was still a Buddhist by tradition, in fulfilling Professor William Cook's prophecy: "What are you going to do with the Crucifix? You cannot take it home.  One has to carry his cross and follow Christ!", she and the Crucifix traveled to several parishes, universities and a monastery in New York and other states to be witnesses to a work inspired by God's love.

Mainly because of people's positive responses to this given gift, Minh was urged by the Spirit to meet with Rev. Father John Eudes Bamberger who then was the Superior of the Trappist monastery, Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, New York.  He eventually became her spiritual father, and the year after she met with him, she joined the Catholic Church.

Under Rev. Father John Eudes' sage spiritual guidance and teaching, as a convert Catholic, Minhhang has been growing spiritually and having more confidence in living her vocation as a contemplative sacred artist and doing her active apostolic work.  She uses her Our Lady of New Helfta web site to praise God and share what she has learned with friends from the cyberspace.  She tours some of her icons in addition to sharing her on-going conversion story and spiritual journey witnessing God's love and mercy for all of his children.

For more details about her ongoing spiritual journey, visit About the Artist.


The sharing goes from an hour to an hour and a half using PowerPoint.  A question and answer period will follow the presentation.  Posters, art/calligraphy prints and cards will be available for sale.


1. TRAVELING FEE: It is greatly appreciated if traveling and all other accommodations are paid for by the organization requested the presentation (55.5 cents/mile; Round trip from Geneseo, NY to your parish if travel by car)

2. PRESENTATION DONATION: Minimum amount suggested: $100.

3. Please make check payable to New Helfta Atelier . PO Box 464 . Geneseo, NY 14454 one week prior to the date of the presentation.

4. If interested, please contact Minh at: (585) 243-1226 . (585) 245-8610 Fax .

Paper and Talk

* The Geneseo Crucifix/ Theology of the Geneseo Crucifix
* Talk at St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry